The 30th Pan African Film & Arts Festival Announces Competition Selections

Best Short Documentary - Cuba In Africa (US/Cuba)

Cuba in Africa featured at Greenwich Village Film Festival

Cuba in Africa screened at Quad Cinema in New York City on November 11, 2021 as part of the 7th Annual Greenwich Village Film Festival

Documentary “Cuba in Africa” is presented New York

New York, 19 November 2021. Demonstrations of solidarity with Cuba in New York do not stop: such is the case of the screening yesterday, Thursday, of the documentary “Cuba in Africa”, by the Ethiopian-American filmmaker Negash Abdurahman, at the headquarters of The People’s Forum.

Ethiopian film-maker highlights Cuba’s contribution

With the testimonies of some protagonists as the guiding theme and by virtue of a thorough research, the documentary begins in Angola with a story that narrates, in detail and from different perspectives, the presence of Cuban internationalists in Africa.